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Procurement Specialist

  • Eğitim Lisans
  • İstanbul

Aytemiz welcomes more than 6 million drivers across Turkey every month at its fuel stations, with a commitment to continuous customer satisfaction. Aytemiz stands out among the most preferred and admired brands with its surprising services and technological infrastructure, surpassing its stations beyond being just fuel selling points and achieving many firsts in the industry. Aytemiz ranks among the top 50 companies in the Fortune 500-2022 list, where Turkey's largest companies are listed.

With its strong supply and storage capacity, Aytemiz stands out in the sector with 9 supply points in different regions of Turkey and storage and filling terminals with a capacity of 250 thousand cubic meters in Mersin, İzmit, Kırıkkale, Trabzon, and Alanya.

As of today, Aytemiz brand welcomes more than 6 million drivers per month with 610 fuel stations in 80 provinces with the principle of continuous customer satisfaction.

Aytemiz has successfully implemented many projects that take the stations beyond just being a fuel sales point. In this regard:

  • The 'Motorcyclist-Friendly Station' concept, the only one of its kind in the world, implemented in 2017,
  • The electric charging station service, the first in the fuel sector in 2017,
  • The 'Self-Service' option offered to drivers in 2019,
  • The Aytemiz Vaay application launched in 2020, allowing fuel purchase without visiting the station,
  • The next-generation 'ON7/24 Market' concept introduced in 2021,
  • The initiation of online 'Digital Fuel Code' sales in 2022 

have established Aytemiz as the creator of technological and inspiring projects in the industry.

#The Future is with You with Aytemiz!

  • 4 years of experience in a similar role,
  • Supplier management and negotiation skills,
  • Good communication and problem-solving abilities,
  • Time management and prioritization skills,
  • Ability to work well in a team,
  • Advanced proficiency in Excel and other office software,
  • Knowledge of SAP,
  • Proficiency in English,
  • Knowledge of Russian is a plus.

Job Description

  • Develop, negotiate, and manage supplier relationships,
  • Monitor and evaluate supplier performance,
  • Manage and improve procurement processes by creating strategic plans,
  • Research and implement cost reduction opportunities,
  • Create, review, and renew supplier agreements,
  • Develop and implement procurement policies,
  • Prepare documents and paperwork related to company departments,
  • Ensure the delivery of purchased products or materials to relevant departments,
  • Prepare internal and external correspondence related to procurement.
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